We have been operating for twenty-five years at the service of the customer. A long path of successes has transformed our artisan workshop into a cutting-edge industry in the production of windows and doors. Excellent products are born from the strong experience acquired over the years, combined with the use of cutting-edge machines.

Quality certificates

  • Air permeability UNI EN 1026 – UNI EN 12207
  • Wind load resistance UNI EN 12211 – UNI EN 12210
  • UNI EN 1027 – UNI EN 12208 water tightness
  • Thermal transmittance UNI EN ISO 10077-1 // 2
  • Acoustic performance UNI EN ISO 717-1
  • Impact resistance UNI EN 13049
  • Bearing capacity of the safety device UNI EN 14609 – UNI EN 13115
  • Our fixtures have been subjected to laboratory tests in accordance with the UNI EN 14351-1 standard for CE marking

Tradition and innovation

Our strong point is that of merging the use of digitally controlled machines with the craftsmanship that boasts a decades-long tradition. The result is a product that satisfies the demands of customers who are increasingly attentive to aesthetics and quality, to guarantee excellent performance both in terms of mechanical resistance and thermal insulation. Quality is guaranteed by the certifications issued on all lines